Texter av Asteroth

Break down

24 april 2012 av Asteroth

You call it a curse, I call it worse, Don’t hesitate when I collapse, When you feel the strength, You bleed within and make some traps When the heart is breaking down, Rise up and realize that we are alive, And then we have the crown and crowd, Depressed or loved, it doesn’t matter how

Close enough

28 januari 2012 av Asteroth

We stood in the rain and watched the city burn down, I couldn’t realize that this town owns one of your crowns, Secrets, hope and glory are all gone in our minds, They have been blown away in the storm of fire. Everything we had is all gone. We’re not close enough.

Escape from your heart.

24 december 2009 av Asteroth

” There was the boy, A little boy who couldn’t laugh, smile or see the light, All he could see was darkness, Until one day, A girl is running on a beach and brings us summer, The boy thinking what will happen, When the girl gets close to him, She told him to close his