Texter av Belmorë

The King’s Fool

19 maj 2008 av Belmorë

I am a fool amongst purple kings and queens. I am my masters’ tool for laughs and jokes, And greeted by all as the throne’s hoax. And greeted by all as the kingdom’s jewel, I am a jester’s scepter under kings’ rule. I am ruled by regnant like rooster and tyke, And wielded as a

Falling out of Life

26 november 2005 av Belmorë

Where can I go? What can I see? Where can I go? Will I ever be free? I look upon the rising moon Look upon my long feared doom Fingers grasping in the dark My certain death they mark Lowering over my head Smothering me dead Darkness closing in I cannot flee Darkness closing in

Who should fall?

2 augusti 2005 av Belmorë

The two armies, on the brink of exhaustion, marched ever on in the light of the blazing sun. One moved west and one moved east. They moved in the one direction they knew to be the most dangerous. Their speed, no less than the men could endure. The grass under their feet yellow, burned by

Sorg, på mer än ett sätt.

13 februari 2005 av Belmorë

Ett klot av flammande eld skar genom luften. Ett sprakande ljud, som om luften själv stod i lågor kom från det flygande infernot, som med enorm hastighet penetrerade den kyliga kvällen. Narach kunde inte annat än stirra med fasa, hans stålgrå blick for över förödelsen nedanför honom, han hade aldrig kunnat föreställa sig sådan destruktion.

A Vampires Love

28 december 2004 av Belmorë

My longing for you, A passion of the night. I can’t escape it, No use to fight. My love for you, A fire in my veins. It’s out of control, I’ve lost the reins. My Soul is burning, It’s a mighty fire. You are my queen, And all that I desire…


5 augusti 2004 av Belmorë

Darkness kills with great joy and pleasure, But for the creatures of the night its a mighty treasure. All the hate, in raging storm. Is darkness, in its greatest form.

What am I?

5 december 2003 av Belmorë

I come from the shadows, Banished from the light. I live in the darkness, And hunt in the night. My eyes are glowing, My teeth are sharp. I have a deadly bite, And frost in my heart. They all hate me, And my powers they fear. I come with the wind, When night draws near

A vampire2

3 december 2003 av Belmorë

He has cold and darkness in his heart. He has teeth, dangerous sharp. He spends restless hours in the night. Forever is he banned from the light. The thirst he always bears, through his newer ending years. It keeps his enemies in fear. Whenever the night draws near. He carries all his victems pain, all

My life

3 december 2003 av Belmorë

My life, so full of pain. My tears keep falling like rain. My body, a disaster and my mind so cold. They say there is no cure, that’s what I am told. No one can help me, there is no cure. I have tried, but my soul wont be pure. How sad I am, you

A Vampire

3 december 2003 av Belmorë

Darkness, his call. Corupted, his soul. His eyes sparkless. Glowing from darkness. He comes from the shadows, on wings of dread. You better watch out, or you’l end up dead. His bite deadly. His teeth sharp. But still a sad man, deep in his heart.