Texter av Eclipse


2 april 2007 av Eclipse

We’ll seduce you with words and whispers We’ll enchant you with eyes and kisses We’ll take you to heaven and fulfill your wishes We’ll be sexual, sensual or wicked witches


20 april 2006 av Eclipse

To see into your eyes To stand before you To expose my feelings To say it aloud To trust you enough To see if you’ll hurt me To wait on your answer To stand with a blush To regret the words To feel the time go To wish it unsaid To love you

A Devil

9 april 2006 av Eclipse

A devil so cold, with a heart of stone His friends gone; he sits all alone. Much has happened; he wants to ask why But he won’t do it; he would rather die. All is silent, all is still He sits there, with a dying will. His soul is gone; he paid a fee He

OBS! En VÄLDIGT oseriös liten saga

3 april 2006 av Eclipse

Det var en gång, i en värld skild från vår, en liten flicka… (Argh! Vad jag hatar sådana här puttenutte sagor, vi tar det från början!) Okej, det var en gång en tjej. Den här tjejen, då; rödhårig, fräknig, skranglig, värsta Pippi Långstrump-objektet. Hennes namn var, av alla saker, Rosenknopp och hon bodde tillsammans med

Green and gold…

28 mars 2006 av Eclipse

Liknar kanske mest en novell, men eftersom Red and white redan var inlagd som dikt får den här vara det också. Green and gold. Sunshine on the leaves… His heart drummed as he ran. She was just right before him. Her tingling laughter echoing through the forest. Red flying hair could be seen between the

An Angel

19 mars 2006 av Eclipse

An angel so fragile, with tears in her eyes Her wings gone; she misses the skies. Blood on her back; her pain is grand She failed her mission; she got a brand. The mission was simple; to kill a child She couldn’t do it; she was too mild. A test from God; could it be?


19 mars 2006 av Eclipse

A clearing in the forest, The full-moon is rising. One and one, They turn up. Faeries… Fragile like butterflies, With colourful wings. One and one, They begin to dance. Faeries… Through the night, Sparks of colours. One and one, They disappear. Faeries… A clearing in the forest, The sun is rising.

Red and white…

19 mars 2006 av Eclipse

Red and white, Blood on the snow… He laid so still when she got to him. The snow coloured by his blood. “Adrian!” She sunk down on her knees at his side. “Adrian!” He took a breath. His eyelids fluttered then opened, and his violet gaze found her face. “Oh, Adrian!” she sobbed. Her tears

Milamber: Promise (Ch. 1)

7 mars 2006 av Eclipse

On a path, leading from the village Dow to the little cabin at the beginning of the Gendron forest, a woman and her son were walking. The woman was tall and slim but was walking in a crouched kind of way. Her hair was ash blond, her eyes sky blue but her clothes were worn

Milamber: Prologue

7 mars 2006 av Eclipse

In the beginning of the World, there was no life before the Gods came. They were the Gods of Feelings, but even if they were named after feelings the Gods weren’t controlled by them, but some of the Gods’ names would be more appropiate later on. In the union of these feelings and their power