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Thieves of Estoria – 2

11 april 2017 av Sjöstedt

Chapter 2 ”No one shouts louder than a man who has something to hide” The White Spears was a mercenary company from Ragamunde. Professionals at war who went wherever there was conflict and coin to pay for their services. The last time I had run into them things had ended badly, yet this time I

Thieves of Estoria – 1

10 april 2017 av Sjöstedt

Thieves of Estoria A short story of love and unlawfulness   Chapter 1 ”Their cruelty betrays them” As I awoke the sour taste of stale beer reminded me of the miserable fact that I was still amongst the living. Finding myself in a small tavern in the Estorian heartland with my head ringing like the