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Kärleks dikt

10 maj 2005 av Necet

If our love will ever end The love I wanted us to spend I’ll cut my heart into pieces with a knife Because I love you more than my life You and me forever until the death takes us apart I love you so much and it have just start I wish you were here

The hero and the dragon

2 maj 2005 av Necet

One hero fighted the dragon. The hero that came to it with a wagon. The hero raised his sword. To kill the dragon of the horde. The dragon that lived in the cave. The big dragon tried to get the hero as his slave. But the hero was so brave. He killed the dragon and

Ytterligare en kärleks dikt

19 april 2005 av Necet

I can see the beauty in your eye Your words is so cute so it make me cry I love you more than my life Who knows maybe you are going to be my wife You are the most beautiful girl You get my heart to feel like a whirl I am already sure that

Why does parents exist?

14 april 2005 av Necet

Why does parents exist? They just hit you with their fist Parents are like a nightmare Isn’t that what all of us fear

Love is like the sand

14 april 2005 av Necet

Love is like the sand It’s so hard to understand Love is like a tear It’s only you that feel the fear The fear of the girl is going to break up

The Metallic Steel

13 april 2005 av Necet

The metallic steel It could forge a wheel A wheel of power That been taken to the tower

Master of Steel

13 april 2005 av Necet

Master of the steel Forged his wheel Took his sword From his board Placed it in a stone And walked back to the throne

The Blood

13 april 2005 av Necet

The blood is sometimes like a stream That sometimes exist in everyones dream The scars may spit it out Without a little shout

The Broken Heart

11 april 2005 av Necet

Here it start The broken heart There it end Where love been spend The broken heart It gives a tear That is the thing that we fear

Love From A Dove

11 april 2005 av Necet

Love is good, Love is fine I want you to always be mine Kisses from heaven They could be seven Love can be found in many ways It can exist in many days The word is love, love and love The love from a beautiful dove.