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The dragons rage part 4

3 juli 2006 av Osiris

There in the distans i can see a caravan of elfs Elfs are the only race that understands us dragons When they see me I can hear Dragon!!! A dragon a bless from the sky And when i land next to the caravan the ground shakes as in fear the elfs can right away see

The dragons rage part 3

9 juni 2006 av Osiris

fire smoke ash this is my rage the humans are a fragile race they should not exist Destruktion war hate that is the human nature only when the town is ablaze the fields lays in ashes the cattle in my belly only then will i move to the next town they will know fear they

The dragons rage part 2

7 juni 2006 av Osiris

High above the ground I fly The pain is too big for me to forgive The hate is too big The love is too big There in the distance I see smoke A human village I fly lower and lower until the trees tickles my belly In the distance I hear A dragon A dragon

The dragons rage. part 1

25 maj 2006 av Osiris

Hate is all I can feel for them When they stole my egg my fury was unleashed upon the world I slept too long I failed my love When u needed me the most I failed But not this time, I will get it back my love They made one big mistake They left me