Texter av Ridden

The stars were right

16 mars 2014 av Ridden

Like the tale of rings, the start was mining And up above, the stars were shining They dug too quickly, they dug too deep And the stars, all, we seemed to weep Its eyes, they opened, so far below Like the stars of old, with a wicked glow The battle was started by a single


17 juni 2013 av Ridden

Your name, it has a story of swampgas set aflame but people of the olden age said fairies were to blame They spoke into their earthen cups “The will-o-wisps; beware!” but still they snuck a wanton glance and the young ones all but stare It must be said, truth be told We still dream of


7 mars 2013 av Ridden

The inside, white; as snow, like out The ebb and turn; a storm with clout A haven safe, the whitened room Dispel then, this; unearthly gloom Hark!, and listen, say I twice the hissing sound of tepid air the bane of man, a mortal vice on him a pox, let all beware! in a place

A folkely tale

10 juli 2012 av Ridden

And once there was a farmer As strong as oxen three He toiled away, his tax to pay To wish to be, of taxes free No end there could be sighted to the farmer’s plight pay the lord or face the sword he toiled in fright all through the night But the farmer had a

Next morning

25 mars 2012 av Ridden

(Till vem som än läser: Det är svårt att uttröna fantasybitarna, men den är en del av en större fantasyskrift) Next morning War. War never changes. The tools, the weapons, the justification, the ideologies, the soldiers, the location; they can all change. But war, the very essence of war? That never changes. It doesn’t matter


16 januari 2012 av Ridden

Skulle varit en sång, om jag bara kunde skriva musik. Det blev en dikt istället. Have a nice little picnic by the grove Booze and foodstuff, it’s quite the trove Not a soul around that the eye can see “Baby, make some love to me?” “But honey, you know that I’ve tarried… By all that’s

A man I never knew

28 september 2010 av Ridden

Let me tell you a story, of a man I never knew, Of paths I never trod upon, and truths that weren’t true, Of lakes I never swam across, and oceans never sailed, Of fortunes lost at no great loss and failures never failed.

En julhälsning

2 januari 2008 av Ridden

Kom fram, kom opp, i julefrid En natt tar slut och ljus tar vid Snö och kallt i ljuv balans Stock och sten i vinterglans Hör mässing ringer, dovt och klart I sta’ det blir en väldig fart Den stora dagen är nu här Med glögg o’ skinka och julkonsert Med rim och klapp i

Ample Shadow

1 juli 2007 av Ridden

I’m sitting here in ample shadow Yesterday has just turned black Too upfront, the next day morning Endless waiting on an empty rack I lost control for a single shower Always waiting for next day’s rain And in my solitude, I seem to cower Love has brought me naught but pain I beseech my saviour,

A dagger dark

1 juni 2007 av Ridden

A dagger sharp, in moonlight gleaming, lost before you, fill the void.