Texter av Stardust

pixie rising

28 september 2005 av Stardust

as the pixie rising sparkling wings of settled nighttime dew the sun begins days steady journey lending summer’s rain a brightly shimmering hue like the deep lush colors in the eyes of my beloved when morning’s first rays find her pretty face the roller blind flapping in rush to let them in in her dreams

a smell of cinnamon

26 september 2005 av Stardust

The sun stood high in the early summer afternoon. The shadows were slowly melting into the crevices in the cliff surface under Pedro’s hands. He had picked this spot for the light which was essential but now his mind was focused elsewhere while his body was moving on instinct and routine. His hands feeling the

nocturne angel

21 september 2005 av Stardust

man or woman or a child soft of flesh and fragile bones suffer plague that’s running wild misery rings in their tones their agony is all in vain soon they’ll dine in heaven’s hall why should they endure the pain when death’s impossible to stall my work is harsh but merciful I let them from

When faires dance

19 september 2005 av Stardust

slowly, slowly the fog drifts in the fairies bright in the moonlit night I dream of golden halls where love and laughter dwell and of eternal sunshine of music, poetry and wine fairies chiming voices like sound of silver bells sensual movements in the mist the calling I cant resist gently I embrace my bride