A folkely tale

10 juli 2012

And once there was a farmer
As strong as oxen three
He toiled away, his tax to pay
To wish to be, of taxes free

No end there could be sighted
to the farmer’s plight
pay the lord or face the sword
he toiled in fright all through the night

But the farmer had a daughter
a maiden, young and fair
she snared a heart, soon to depart
to stories share and children bear

So once there was a farmlass
who sought to be a queen
her lot was less, I must confess
though not to mean she had it lean

In silks her husband draped her
and jewels, one and two
(but) a call to arms defied her charms
as a warrior true, he’d see it through

So the lady took a lover
as her husband was away
he adored her bits and loved her… wits
thus came a day, the price to pay

For once there was a brother
who loathed the faithless wife
and as he willed, they both were killed
for with his knife, he ended life

The husband, now a victor,
learned of the heinous act
against his kin, he’d surely win
with little tact, the war was fact

They fought it to a stand-still
it never seemed to end
as coffers dry, more coin to pry
as farmers tend too few to send

And so comes the dreaded taxman
the farmer again to see
to leave him cold and take his gold
to pay the fee of jealousy

But what’s all this that I’m saying?
tt matters not to me.
I’ll need a drink and time to think
so go away and leave me be


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