-A Hero- *Engelska*

24 november 2008

Ja som de flesta nog kan se är jag inte van vid att skriva på engelska så ni för förlåta eventuella gramatiska fel och felstavelser. Och även en viss korthet i det jag skrivit. Mycket lättare att måla ut det man vill på svenska :P
Men jag hoppas att åtminstonde någon vänlig själ tar sig tid och ögnar igenom texten ^-^

When I was young I was annoyingly naïve. I believed in everyone and anyone. I believed in Santa, Marsmen, The man on the moon and that the moon were maid of cheese, I was even so stupid that i belived that i would be living in the same beautiful, peaceful world, that I lived in then, when i died.
Oh boy… I was really stupid then. It took me nearly four years before I stopped belive that. Four years and a hell of a lot of bombs, weapons, death, blood and crushed dreams. But, who am I to complain. I live and I’m healthy unlike thouse guys who caught the rosefewer.
To have survived what I did is quite amazing according to myself. First my house was bombed. Everyone died exept me. When I crawled out from the remains of the house the enemy soldiers had already left the town and leaved a… well… a damn bloody mess, I would call it now days.
So there I was a small tweleve year old girl. In the middle of the bloody mess were no one else had survived. And on top of that, it was winter and freezing outside.
Really, I should have died right there. Would have been for the better. But of cause destiny wasn´t finnished with me. I survived. I survived the constant bombings, the enemy soldiers, the biological virus that the enemy spread out. I outlived several groups of people that I traveled with and even survived several battles.
I have many scars all over my body, remains of what has happened. Two of them are from bullets that pierced right throught my body when I was sixteen. I have a German to thank for that. And a German to blame for saving my life. Both of them died shortly after seeing me. When i was eightteen I was cut by a katana over my right hip. This time it was a Japanese. He really should have praktised a little more with that sword. Then I wouldn´t have had to live in pain for a month during which time the wound healed.
Ohh… and I lost my virginity on the same day as my thirteenth birthday. Sounds fun huh? Beeing gangraped by a group of enemy soldiers who thought it was fun to play with a cute Swedish girl. Thats nothing you get to do everyday.
As you can see, my life has been pretty intressting. Don´t you think? And this is only a little of everything that has happened to me. I have several stories of all the people that I have seen die infront of my eyes or I can tell you about the first time I had to kill someone. But… It´s never intressting to hear about someones pain if there isn´t a hero in the story. So I’m going to tell a story that beginns when i were seventeen and still traveling with a mixed group from German, Spain, Britain and France, and was trying to reach, what according to the a rumor was, the only contry that had been able to survive the apocalyps that had destroyd most of earths surface and only let around onehundred million humans survive.
We were heading towards China.


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