A nocturnal beings story

18 september 2004

This is the story about Draklen, a young boy that one night turns into a nocturnal being and later on starts to challenge his own existence and those that made his eternal damnation come true…

“Huh? Oh it’s just your Roy.” I said with a startled voice when I turned around and saw my brother Roy standing in the door opening.

“Are you alright? You’ve been in this room for days now writing in that book. Mom’s worried sick about you, you don’t eat, don’t sleep, you don’t even go outside anymore!”

“I’m sorry Roy but you know why!”

“Yeah… ever since that meeting you’ve been obsessed with telling the tale of the young vampire that changed your life.” Roy smiled at me, turned around and closed the door behind him. As for me I turned back towards the blank page in my book and resumed my writing about him. Yes… about him, Draklen…

Chapter 1 – The awakening

“Who the hell are you?!” Draklen hissed with a damp voice towards the two shadows that drew near him.

“This is our world and you are our food!” the shadows hissed for an answer and they started to grin. Draklen saw a flash and two knives were now held against his throat and his arms were locked in an iron grip.
The two shadows pushed him down on his knees and cut him over the neck with their knives. When Draklen felt the blood coursing down his throat he started to twist and turn to get loose from the shadows grips but to no use, the grips from the shadows got harder. Suddenly Draklen felt two sharp things pierce the skin on his neck and a cold feeling started to grow inside of him. He got weaker and weaker and in the end everything went black for his eyes.
When he opened his eyes again he stared at the roof. He quickly sat up and saw that his jacket and shirt had been removed. Han began to look around in the room.
“This isn’t the street where I was attacked…” he thought as he reached back on his neck and started to search for the points that had been pierced but there was nothing at all.

“You won’t find anything there, not now nor later. You are one of us now young boy.” A voice told him with a cold tone. Draklen started to look around to try and catch where the voice came from.

“Who are you and what do you want with me?! Where am I?!” Draklen asked as he began to stare at two bright eyes that were glowing in one of the room’s shadows. A woman stepped out of the shadow and walked towards him.

“I’m merely a servant that has no name, well I do have a name but it’s not important to you. What’s important is that you get to know your new body…”

“My new body? What do you mean with that??” Draklen stared down on his chest and saw that it was all pale.

“What I mean is that you’re no longer human.” The woman snubbed at him.
“Silly boy… you have no idea what has happened to you, am I right?”

“Well no… I haven’t got a clue actually.”

“You were attacked by two vampires that were out hunting both prey and fresh blood for our ranks. You were chosen to be one of us.”

“I was chosen? By whom was I chosen and for what reason?”

“By our leader Cain of course and the reason is a secret right now.”

“Cain? Who’s th…?” Draklen went silent when a tall shadow came up beside him and grabbed him by his collar.

“I’m Cain, and you are my newest warrior, that’s the reason boy.” The shadow whispered in his ear and then tossed Draklen into a stone pillar.

“I thought my hunters had brought me something with a little more punch in… it seems I was wrong.” Cain sniffed at Draklen and gave him a rock hard kick in his stomach. Draklen gasped for air but he felt no air come into him. When he hit the ground again he felt a sudden strength and he pushed his hands into the ground and quickly came to his feet.

“Oooh he can actually stand.” Cain kept on mocking him and now Draklen could feel a great rage grow inside of him and this time he lunged towards Cain with a speed that surprised himself. Cain on the other hand took a quick sidestep and gave Draklen a smack over the head.

“And he can run too… Oh my, Rain dear… they found someone that actually can run too.” Cain’s continuous mocking made Draklen so furious that he quickly came to his feet yet again and as he lunged towards Cain again he felt like he was in total control of his body this time so when Cain now made yet another sidestep Draklen followed and punched Cain in the face so hard that he flew through the room and hit the brick wall in the end of the room so hard that it broke and fell over him. Or so Draklen thought but when he felt the heavy brick wall lying on top of him he realized that he had no chance against this thing. Slowly he pushed away the bricks and crawled out on to the floor and started to stare up on Cain who were standing before him with a mocking grin on his lips.

“I’m satisfied with him, train him well my dear.” he looked at Rain who elegantly walked up to Draklens body, grabbed him by the collar, lifted him up on his feet and walked away with him while she whispered in his ear;
“You’re lucky little boy, you have been picked to be his right hand…”
Rain opened the door in front of them and closed it behind them.

“Now then, let’s begin the training shall we…” she murmured with a grin and as she clenched her hands Draklen looked at her with an exhausted expression.
Why is it always about training… he thought and he clenched his hands too.


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