A thousand men marched on

20 november 2013

Countryboys they gathered there
under banner, under God
With pounding hearts and frightened eyes
these thousand boys marched on

Through mud, terrain and piercing rain
the road through hell was long
They marked a new grave every mile
and a thousand men marched on

They closed their eyes afraid of death
a night without any dawn
The ground was wet from blood and breath
while the thousand men marched on

Trumpets called their names aloud
over mountains and beyond
Like saints they held their heads up proud
yes a thousand men marched on

Abandoned by both joy and will
discouraged everyone
Abashed and naked on a hill
oh these thousand men marched on

For glory soon forgotten
and for loved ones near and far
Destroyed their lives and killed their foes
still the thousand men marched on

Stood soon beneath a pale white moon
with enemies calling them on
Could not turn back, could not go forth
but the thousand men marched on

A son of war has returned home
the last one honouring their bond
A shadow of his former self
when the thousand men marched on

He buried friends out on the field
their lives, their souls and love
Who fought for causes still unknown
the thousand men marched on

His memories will tell the tale
of the men, all now gone
The wind keeps whispering their names
as the thousand saints marches on

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