23 mars 2011

There’s no glory, there’s no grace
In these last of mankind’s days
The valiant knights themselves debase
Surrendering to the savage craze

When they change you can see their pain
As the plague corrupts the brain
Some take their lives but all in vain
They’re soon brought back from death’s domain

Their former triumphs they retrace
Everything good they will erase
Their minds are caught in a bloodstained maze
Hateful eyes in a ruined face

They turn to slaughter and we’re nonplussed
The very men we used to trust
One who stood for all that’s just
In a small girls belly his sword is thrust

A holy man he sits and prays
Asking forgiveness for sinful ways
Bewildered he meets the death knight’s gaze
“Please” he begs to the falling mace

The world lies empty under burning rays
An arid world that can nothing sustain
Blood covers everything like a crust
Earth’s just another dead stone in space


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