Death’s Angel

9 december 2004

A dead mans’ crie
not for all to hear
Only the Blessed
See his tears

Ruling that Realm
the dead call home
here she’s Cursed

How could the living
understand the ways of the dead?
They can’t feel
our Curse

She tell them not to fear
‘Cause Death’s eternal
but Life is short

Hiding and weeping
a chield cries for his mother
She won’t come back to him

Angels gather in the garden
but they bring no Peace to plagued Human souls’
They’re cursed
Forever doomed
to walk side by side
with Death’s path
See the dead
See the crying
See the grief

There’s nothing
they can do
for the dead, the griefing ones
But for the living
They will watch
Oh, they will watch

Poor humans
not knowing
The Angels by their sides
Not until
Their day has come…


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