15 maj 2008

You have got to find a curing answer
to this life long question cancer.
But the ones you ask
are not qualified for the answering task.
Time will show
that evil is all they know.
But unaware you embrace
their lies with a smiling face.
They will now place demons in your heart
and then refer to it as art.
Destruction is now what you breathe.
Taste the fruit of the bad seed.
You are about to fail
cause your mind is in eternal jail.
There is no known solution
for this kind of confusion.
You are now almost evil minded
because you are totally blinded.
In your own body you can’t stay.
All good things have been filtred away.
You just can’t stand it,
feeling so dirty and full of shit.
A breakout is not a release.
There is no way to mortals peace.
At night you hear strange noises,
evil wispering voices.
But you refuse to let your self coperate
so they plant in selfdesructive hate.
No one knows of the thoughts you hide,
daily thinking of suicide.
But why, why
do they want you to die?
Cause they kill everyone they can’t use,
everyone they can’t abuse.


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