Dedication of love

10 augusti 2006

Behold! For pain is happiness
To feel the sorrow, to feel the pain
In these here lands doomed by corruption
So much to lose, so little to gain

I try to reach out, away with my hand
To touch your so much beautiful face
As I hold you, as I kiss your lips
I feel some warmth in this forsaken place

You smile to me, I can see the lights
How I long to embrace you again!
I stand in a corner, and watch the fights
As I see how they fall to the hands of men

There’s warmth in your presence, there’s light in your smile
In this world that is so vile
To hold you close, to kiss you again
For that alone, I’d walk thousands a mile

I live for you, I die for you
My beloved, wonderful girl
As I hold you close, and kiss your smile
The light inside me can never die

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