20 maj 2008

Again, last night I dreamt of you.
This time it will come true.
We where hunting demons in my fathers estate.
Nor death or defeat was written in our fate.

Last night it stood clear.
This battle we shoudn’t fear.
Inhabitants of the garden green and wide
they all seemed to run away and hide

Evil clung over the doors.
But we had sat our course.
Through main gate, we walked with holy swords drawn.
It was many hours left until the first light of dawn.

The air was thick and dark.
Our swords; the only spark
Evil laughter, whispering voices and faol screams; hells noises
We attacked with blades of holy fire, clear the air, our only desire

The swarming minions we killed
As the air once more was filled.
Hideous flying beasts of deeppurple, darkgreen, brownblack and winered
Dark forces of evil didn’t succeed whit their intensions of human bloodshed.

They screamed in agony and pain
All their plotting efforts to no gain.
We hacked and slashed, it was our turn, to watch the evil forces die and burn!
Smells of sulfurus breaths and burned rotten meat, it was a dream of the demons defeat.

This night I stand outside the gate of my late father’s estate.
I’m waiting for you, but something with the dream seems untrue.
The air outside is filled with bats, in the garden I can see many rats.
What is now to abide? I feel like run and hide.
Then I hear your scream from inside.


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