Dreams, fragments & lore

24 november 2009

Kommentar: Jag är medveten om att jag har skrivit “thy” istället för “the” och så vidare i sista stycket, och det är meningen att det ska vara så. Jag vet att det stör symmetrin i dikten en aning, dock, men den sista delen ska vara lite avvikande.

Following a raven through the mirror
To the mother of demons in guise of Sleeping Beauty
Watching the ones maybe forever gone
Is this sleep or is this death?

In the heart of a god-loved thief
Lies the salvation of this world as well as his
Fumbling priest, autumn-colored goddess
The seer and the Queen

Dancing under influence of faerie wine
Wings glittering, eyes searing, blood heating
A human that is no human in this labyrinth
Enchanted, drunk on this sinister otherworldness

Planning his demise from this personal hell
His pride as well as beauty gone up in flames
She with so many hearts yet no heart at all enters
Sweeping away those ideas like a harmless torch

Trapped in coldness, darkness and uninvited memories
Summoning and finding, fighting and remembering
Rising towards Empyrean, opposed by the Fire of God
Fallen archangel, morning light, beautiful dragon

Gloriana, above the greatest shadow thou art
Below thou, a kingdom of black & white
A sword through thy stone of thy city of rain and clouds
“Ah, my moon”, he whispered, “we’re in this together”


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