Falling out of Life

26 november 2005

Where can I go? What can I see?
Where can I go? Will I ever be free?

I look upon the rising moon
Look upon my long feared doom
Fingers grasping in the dark
My certain death they mark
Lowering over my head
Smothering me dead

Darkness closing in
I cannot flee
Darkness closing in
My eyes no longer see
See the colours’ of the world
See the beauty inside
Though I look around me-
My eyes open wide

Drenched by a friend
Smothered by trust
Nothing I can do
Though I feel I must
Choking on you
Inside my mind
Forever falling
Light I cannot find

The light, once so bright and clear
Gone, like the hope I used to bear

No light, everything so dark…

My vision rapidly failing
Upon lost hope I’m sailing.


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