Gabriel White – The Vampire Detective

19 maj 2008

Most of my cases are wives and husbands that are suspecting that there significant others is having an affair. It’s very mundane work and not that hard to do but I find it thrilling to follow someone and they are oblivious to the fact that I am following them. It speaks to my predatory nature because I am a half vampire and half human, my name is Gabriel White and I am a privet detective.

My office is small but I have managed to cram in a couch and desk and some chairs and a small fridge that stands in the corner behind my desk, it fells a little cramped but I liked it. There is a window just above the couch but there are big black drapes in front of it that blocked most of the sunlight, it’s not that I don’t like the sunlight it’s the view that I had a problem with, the big red blinking neon sign of a woman dancing just out side of the window that bugged me. Over the brown door hang a big Mickey Mouse clock and on the other side of the door was a sign that said:

Privet Detective
Gabriel White
No case is too Big or too Small

The woman in front of me hade long brown hair that framed her face and she was a beautifully woman, her high cheekbone and her green eyes were mesmerising. Her pale green dress fit her body where well and it highlighted her figure witch was very appealing. She is a very good looking woman but she was crying and had started to cry as soon she sat down.
“Ms. Morrison, Ms. Morrison what can I do for you?” I asked, because I had only learned her name before she started to cry. I opened a drawer in the desk and took out a box of tissues that I handed her. Her eyeliner had begun to run down here cheeks and she started to look like a racoon and that made me smile.
“Ms. Morrison! What can I do for you?” And I emphasised her name and that made her look up with a startled look.
“Oh, ehm..” And she began to rummaging around in her green peruse that match her green dress. She took up a picture and slid it over to me, the picture was of man in his early thirty’s he had black suit on and he was smiling, one of those fake smile that you put on when someone takes your picture.
“This is my husband, Albert. He has been missing for almost a week now and I don’t know what to do” As she spoke she started to cry, a soft gentle tears streaming down her face.
“I’m sorry Ms. Morrison. So you want me to find your husband for you?” I asked her, she nodded and said “Yes, please, please find my Albert”.
“I will do my best Ms. Morrison. My rate is 200 a day plus expenses and you will have to pay for three days in advance and then I will charge you buy the day.”
“Don’t worry I have money I can pay” she took her crocodile skin wallet and took out 600 dollars and gave me them. I smiled, it had been a ruff month for me and my landlord has been most anxious to get the rent for this month and now I was able to get him of my back.
I looked at Ms Morrison through my black sunglasses, I used sunglasses a lot to cover up the only physical sing that I was not human. My blood red eyes but I didn’t always have red eye, they changed color when I hit puberty, I was fourteen and people tend to stare at my eyes if I don’t have my shades on.
“How old is your husband?” I asked her.
“He is thirty one” I wrote is down in my notebook that I always had on me.
“And what does he do for a living?”
“He is a chemist, he works for a company called Apex” I nodded and wrote it down.
“Has he disappeared before?” Ms. Morrison shook her head.
“No!! He always calls when he’s late even on business trips he always calls me before I go to bed”
“So he doesn’t have any enemies?” Her eyebrows shout up and she looked surprised that I asked something like that.
“No of course not, why would he have enemies!!”
Not everybody had enemies but there were always people that one disliked or disliked you.
“I’m sorry Ms. Morrison but I have to ask these kinds of questions so bare with me. So has he any family?”
She nodded “Yes his brother live on Manhattan and his sister still lives in New Jersey with her parents” I wrote it down in my little notebook.
“And friends?”
“He spends most of his time at work and doesn’t have many friends and he doesn’t talk mush about his work. But he have a few friends at work but I can’t remember there names”
“Okay, it would be helpful to talk to them. So if you can find out there names, that would be good” Ms. Morrison nodded. “Yes of course, I think he has a phonebook with names and numbers. I will look for it when I get home”
“That would be great and you can call me on my cell” I opened another drawer and took out a business card with my name and numbers both my cell and the number to the office.
I looked at Ms. Morrison; I got the impression that she didn’t really know her husband that well.
“How long have you been married?”
She answered with out have to think about it. “Five year in December”
“Are you having problems in your marriage?” She stood up so fast that she knocked the chair over. “How dare you, I love Albert and he loves me and we have no problems in our marriage” She was almost screaming.
“I am sorry but I have to know these thing if I am going to find your husband for you” Her anger showed in her face. “No we have no problems in our marriage!”
“Okay, I am sorry but I had to ask” But I knew she was lying, there are always some problems in a marriage.
“Have you contacted the polis?”
“Yes I have, but they weren’t very helpful. They wrote a report and said they would look in to it and that was 5 days ago!” She didn’t believe that police would find her husband one could the doubt in her voice.
“So why did you wait two full day before reporting him missing” I asked her.
“I went to the police the first day but the said that I had to wait at least 24 hours before I could report him missing and then I reported it the next day”
“So the police haven’t found anything yet?” Ms. Morrison sighed.
“No they haven’t found anything” And she started to cry again. I have had my chare of people cry in my office. The first few time I had no idée what to do, but after I while I got used to it. But seeing a grown man wail is still something that makes me a little uncomfterble and I probably not get use to that.
“Okay Ms. Morrison, I will do what I can and if you will get me the names and numbers of his friends so that I can talk to them. That would be great and will call you when I find something”
She smiled and it was a nice and worm smile but her eyeliner and mascara had made streaks down her face and that made her look like a smiling racoon and that made me smile.
“I will call you at the end of the week if not sooner. Okay Ms Morrison”
She nodded and stood up “Yes thank you Mr White and don’t hesitate to call day or night if you find anything” I nodded and smiled “I will Ms Morrison. If I find something I will call. Can I keep this picture?” I held up the picture of her husband Albert.
“Yes of course I have plenty of pictures”
“Thanks, so I will get back to you when I find out something about your husbands whereabouts” She smiled and extended her hand and I took it, she had very soft skin. I could tell that she of when to the manicurist to get her nails and other stuff done.
“Goodbye Ms. Morrison and take care!!”
“Goodbye Mr. White” She said and left. The door close behind her and I sat back down in my chair and sighed. This was going to be a tuff case, not something I usually did but I haven’t had a case in over three weeks and my landlord had been bugging me to pay the rent so this was the only option I had for the moment.
I bent down and opened the fridge and took out a half eaten sandwich and a small coke. I had eaten since lunch and it was a half past eight and I was starving. I took of my sunglasses and rubbed my eyes. Tired, Yeah I had been up since 7 trying to find a case that I could work on and that had meant hanging around police stations. I only did that when I was desperate for work but luckily I had found Ms. Morrison there so it had been worth it.
I lifted up my bag on the desk and took out my portable computer; it was a cheap computer that I had for few years but it worked for my purpose. I started it up and hooked in my cell so I could go online with it. The web is a great place to find information and it is fast and I need more information on Albert Morrison.
I googled Albert’s name and there were plenty of people that had the same name as him. It took a while but then I found a page where his name was on. It was Apex homepage but there were not much info on Albert only that he worked there as a chemist. I looked through the web site and there was not much information on what the company did.
I drank the coke and ate the half eaten sandwich and I started to feel a little better after the long day. The couch looked very inviting so I had to lie down for a while; I sank down in to the couch and started to drift of in to the land of dreams.


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