Green and gold…

28 mars 2006

Liknar kanske mest en novell, men eftersom Red and white redan var inlagd som dikt får den här vara det också.

Green and gold.
Sunshine on the leaves…

His heart drummed as he ran.
She was just right before him.
Her tingling laughter
echoing through the forest.
Red flying hair could be seen
between the trees,
from time to time.
He remained silent,
following her laughter,
and dancing, locks of hair.
“My love, my love,
catch me if you can.”
Knowing that he would catch her,
sooner or later,
he only smiled.
“Are you so slow?”
At just that moment,
he saw his chance
and threw himself at her.
They tumbled
down a slope.
He landed on her,
and kept her down
with his weight.
Both laught,
but after a while,
they got silent.
“You caught me.”
Green eyes met and spellbound
his violet.
I will always catch you,
Her tingling laughter broke out again.
“How long time is ‘always’,
my love?”
“It is forever.
For all eternity,
as long as you and I live.”
She looked at him seriously now,
her hand stroking
his black, straight hair.”
“But what if you die?”
“Then I will follow you.”
Her eyes looked at him lovingly.
“So will I.
I wouldn’t stand to lose you…
I love you.”
A kiss followed,
sweeter than ever before.
It took long
before it ended.
“And I love you,
He helped her up,
and her eyes met his
once again.
Sparkling green,
like the leaves of the forest.
like the sunshine.

Sunshine on the leaves.
Green and gold…


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