Grim Reaper.

11 april 2011

Black, the color of death and hatred.
The darkness that are everywhere, you cannot escape it even if you try.
That darkness in your heart, that are gnawing everything away. Burning. Killing.
Red, the color of blood and also at times as hate.
Nothing can live without it,
fall splatt to the ground and the blood will splatter around.
Blood are beautiful, it’s pure, the only thing thats pure with humans.

Black and red together makes a Grim Reaper,
the one and only ruler of the world,
the one that you will never be able to escape from.
Will you run and try to hide or stand tall to meet him?
I, myself already know the answer.
I will stand tall and meet his eyes and say:
“Make me a Grim Reaper”.

© Cassandra, 13/3 – 2011


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