17 november 2013

Your boat was floating on my tears
so I took your mirror and smashed it in my mind
to set our happiness free, in the wind of our united breath of life

But then the keys came flying on fish wings and we started to choke
like dancing worms on a hook in the icy water
I was happy when a fish full of light ate my mind
and gave you the rest of me
a limbless body to dance with under the stars of rotten apples

We started to calculate the endless amount of toes in the grass
and found ourselves drinking wine out of an old shoe
Which used to belong to a man with a thousand beards

You smiled and told me that I looked like snow in the summer
misplaced, confused and beautiful
I told you that you looked like the moon in my porridge
and the world went spinning round and round

We laid head to the ground and you sang wordlessly to me
while a grasshopper played the flute
among the roses of paper towels that I made
but I can’t seem to remember when

So we made a boat out of feathers and sailed barefoot in the snow
drifting towards resting troubles and sorrow, happy as can be
Thinking that there has to be an imaginary dragon hovering over my bed


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