Hell 2.0

2 juni 2016

“Sir, it’s time, your meeting’s here,”

as the judgement bell strikes two,

enter men consumed by fear,

“Boys, I’ve got a job for you.”

“My name is Lou, Lord of Hell,

but you can call me Big L, too.

I have your attention, I can tell,

and I’m sure you’ll see this through.”

“In life, you built, big and small,

and some exciting things to boot.

This time, build them great and tall,

with brimstone, flame and soot.”

They made designs with burning passion,

And put to Lou their goals,

On grand ideas of latest fashion

they wagered, all, their souls

And Lou, he pondered, long and hard

What most inspired thrill?

He picked, at last, a single card

To match the hellish bill

Slow and sure, they began to rise

Eternity had time to spare

The Lord of Hell’s greatest prize,

with power, grace, and flair

“Great and tall, and grand indeed!”

Lou spoke to the gathered crowd

“Structures worthy of a mighty creed!”

It was clear Big L was proud.

“Perhaps I should let the designer go”,

he mused from inside the lift,

rising quickly, smooth, just so,

when something, it seemed to shift.

Stuck on the level 6-6-6,

He ripped forth his Brimstone Phone

“What do you mean, ‘it just needs a fix’!?”

He yelled in furious tone

Under strain of his fury, the hells would break

To Lou, it seemed the world must kid

But even in hell it was a big mistake

To contract on the lowest bid


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