Hideout in the light

27 oktober 2008

I, I would never, I would never fall.
Still I fell, I answered their call.

Darkness called my name.
I embraced her when she came.

Lilith. She and I, we were meant to be.
But the prophecy was written by the trinity.

I took a plunge into the darkness.
I fought them none the less.

Mutiny within the evil army from hell.
I had hidden my agenda so well.

None could tell, none could tell.

All I wanted was to be free
and regain my humanity.

Fallen angels in uproar, waiting outside.
I killed her at the altar, Lilith, my bride.

In awe the fallen ones watched my powers grow.
Then my magic brightened and my eyes started to glow.

The muddy mist of darkness in my magic shattered
all of my fallen Angels fled and scattered.

I sought them up and slaughtered them all.
Killed them in treachery for the sake of the call.

I left mercy behind and I saw the holy light.
I will never regain my humanly eyesight.

Now I am walking the earth blind, powerless and free.
Evil are regrouping now after my unexpected treachery.

They are searching the earth, looking for me.


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