I have nothing left to say

10 juni 2005

You came in,
You split us apart.
You froze me out,
You took my part.

Is life really like this,
Is it so unfair?
To me it was horrible,
To you, you only took of friendship a share.

Maybe you didn’t realize what you were doing,
Or maybe you did.
Perhaps you just didn’t like me,
You broke me down.

Because of you I have nowhere to go,
Because of you I am alone.
You were the star,
That brighter than me shone.

Everything has a prize,
Your friendship ended mine.
It’s not like I chose it,
But I know you think it’s fine.

That it’s fine if I don’t walk with you,
If I don’t belong to your group.
As long as I don’t run after you,
As long as you can walk as your own troup.

I don’t want to accept the consequenses,
But I don’t seem to have a voice.
Nothing for me to say no with,
To not accept your choice.

But the others have maid their choice,
On the silent way.
And I won’t go against their will,
To you I have nothing left to say.

Because of you,
I’m now grabbing the knife.
Because of you,
I am now ending my life.

I don’t want to be alone,
I’m going the easy way.
And to you,
I have nothing left to say.


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