15 juli 2007

It’s like my brain has died
I don’t do feelings anymore
Nor thinking
There is no such thing as anger
No sadness
No despair
And the laughter is just a way
Of forgetting
Of hiding
How miserable I really am

I never get upset
Just indifferently tranquil
I don’t have any job for the summer
I can’t spend the summer with my best friend
I can’t do anything about it
I won’t get any money, since I have no job
I’ll just have to manage, then

I find myself
Staring at nothing
Realize that I’ve been doing that
For the last ten minutes
Without seeing
With no contact

How do you feel?
People ask
What are you thinking of?

I answer

And that’s true
I don’t do thinking anymore
Nor feelings
There is no such thing as love
No happiness
No joy
And the tears are just a way
Of showing
Of telling
How miserable I really am


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