Kingdom Hearts – Lost Winter – Part 2

18 augusti 2008

I don’t own anything that has to do with Kingdom Hearts, but this textwork. All the characters, places, events and such likes belongs to Square Enix and/or Disney.

Any moment now..
Marluxia was huddled in cover, not far from the Keybearer, his dorky friends and the Chilly Academic, whose time of existence could now be counted, not in days or hours, but in minutes.
Why he was there? Marluxia tried not to think of it himself. Despite everything he’d said to Larxene, there was a need, something that drove him to the place. A painful wish to see Vexen, the elder nobody with the golden hair and the emerald eyes, one last time.
Despite everything he’d said, Marluxia cared deeply for Vexen. If he was capable of caring. But if not, it was something else, something similar. The only thing was – Vexen’s actions of late had not been profitable for Marluxia’s plans to take over the Organization. And he could not risk the plans, based on doubtless logics, for feelings that might not exist. At least he told himself that.
Yet, despite the logics, Marluxia’s hands were curling into fists that had his perfectly manicured nails dig into his palms as he watched and waited.
Any moment now..
And there he came. Axel.
Of course, he was a few minutes late, but it didn’t matter. He appeared right behind Vexen, the chakram already in his hand. Marluxia closed his eyes.
The Chilly Academic’s voice turned into a high-pitched scream as the blow was put in, and for a moment Marluxia wished he had put his hands over his ears.
How many times had not that voice been mumbling his name, as they lay tangled in warm sheets in a dark room? With nothing but the light of the moon shining in, robbing the scene of the two men of all colour and made them pale and smooth like porcelain dolls. How many times had not that voice whimpered in pain as they blended, Vexen’s body sunk down in the silken grass of Marluxia’s garden, with flowers surrounding them? And how many times had not that voice whispered that if the speaker had been able to feel, all the love that he possessed would be given to Marluxia?
Now, that voice was screaming in pain. A scream that abruptly stopped.
It had Marluxia snap his eyes open. The feeling that something was shrinking, hiding, inside was spreading through him, but he couldn’t help but look.
The first words slipped him, and then the wind turned, bringing Vexen’s voice with it.
“..I don’t want to go yet..”
Something broke inside Marluxia. Like a bond holding his entire being together had snapped, and left him in pieces.
Vexen sunk to his stomach in the grass, his face turned to botanist. But his emerald eyes were empty and glossy, and they saw no more.
If not for the blood spreading under him, the scene would have been beautiful. Vexen’s golden hair in contrast to the grass, that seemed to loose some of its colour in comparison to the Academic’s eyes. His face relaxed, so the lines seemed less harsh, the full lips slightly parted, and the eyebrows bent up closest to the root of his nose, making his expression sad and lonely.
Then, he moved. As pieces of unnamed, black material started to rise from the body, Vexen’s arm reached out. At first, Marluxia thought it was for him, then he spotted a little, pink flower in front of the blonde.
His final symbol of defiance, he thought, but found that the lean fingers caressed the petals, almost longingly, and then carefully closed around the stem.
A shiver ran though Vexen’s body, and he was gone.

How can you be gone, when you’re in my dreams?
Silent stars falling through the air. Dripping from lapis lazuli eyes and breaking the cold moon light into millions and millions of little arrows of ice.
The cold was not soothing anymore. Not comforting. Just painful.
Scattered pieces of a heart that doesn’t exist.
I never thought it would be this hard. To leave you. To forget you.
.. To betray you.
That I would feel my chest ache from loss and grief I shouldn’t be able to feel. Yet, it’s there.
Frozen flames eating me from inside.
And I know you knew. And yet you let it happen. Why?
To let me suffer? To see if I would change my mind? I didn’t.
Are you watching me now? Because you can’t be gone. If you where, I wouldn’t feel you still. Your presence in my room. Your soul next to mine.
I’m sorry.

Even though Marluxia dodged and stroke back, he didn’t fight with feeling. He didn’t put his heart into it, so to speak.
He would probably have been able to kill the Keybearer. And his friends. But he didn’t. The weapon grazed his cheeks several times, and he let it.
And when the keyblade came rushing through the air, Marluxia didn’t make a single move to step away.
Pain. A pain so intense, a cry found its way between his sculptured lips even though he didn’t want to show any weakness in front of his enemy.
It shattered his ribs, ate its way through his aching and empty chest and finally cracked his spine to break out though his back.
When Marluxia fell backwards, the blade was pulled out again, and a gasping breath seemed to be dragged out of him along with it. He fell to his back, the scythe vanishing into thin air in his hand, which curled into a fist.
His body jerked once. And again.
The muscles didn’t obey him and had him press his chest up, the heels digging down into the ground of his own garden.
As Marluxia with a grimace of agony felt his non-existent body corroding, so did his flowers. Petals fell off and stems turned brown and black before his eyes.
Summer vanished from the dreamlike garden, and let winter in, and as flakes of snow started to fall upon his face, the cold embraced him like two gentle arms in a way he remembered so well.
A smile appeared on Marluxia’s lips as the frown faded away, and before his inner eye, a mane of golden hair flooded in a gentle wind that carried with it crystals of ice.
The Graceful Assassin did not have the strength to speak the word anymore, yet he shaped it as he closed his eyes, and let his being vanish.

Second part out of two of an angsty, sad story altogether full of miserable feelings. Won’t keep up with my ranting, there it is. Coming up is a story about Saïx, my favourite. ^___^


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