Love at the end of a dark era

11 augusti 2007

He looked for her. He could sense her in the surroundings. He let his searching gaze wander over all the dancing couples in the park. The people had gathered in celebration, because the Eternal Night would soon be at its end. The stars had begun to grow faint on the sky and as the orchestra played the last tunes of the song, he spotted her and began to approach her.
‘May I have the last dance, my lady?’ he asked.
‘Well of course!’ she answered.
And so they started to dance to the happy song, played by the overjoyed orchestra.
‘Why now?’ she asked him. ‘Why now, when it’s all about to end? I have always loved you, you know.’
‘And I have always loved you.’
‘So why did you not come to me earlier? I have waited for so many years. I have seen so many men rise to power and then lose it and all the time I hoped you would come to stand by my side as my husband.’
‘It was not easy,’ he said with a shamed look. ‘It felt like I had duties.. obligations..’
‘So why come now? At the bitter end?’ she asked him and her eyes started to fill with tears.
‘Because I didn’t want it to be bitter,’ he replied. ‘This is the end of our era. The era belonging to the Children of the Night is ending and thus a new one begins. “The Era of Light” they call it. It is an era, we cannot survive and I would never want to leave this world without you by my side.’
‘Well..’ she said with a barely noticable smile on her lips. ‘We are together now and that is all that matters.’
The danced quietly for a while and as they kissed, the sun rose for the first time in one millenium and they faded away, unnoticed by all the happy faces.


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