Milamber: Prologue

7 mars 2006

In the beginning of the World, there was no life before the Gods came. They were the Gods of Feelings, but even if they were named after feelings the Gods weren’t controlled by them, but some of the Gods’ names would be more appropiate later on.
In the union of these feelings and their power they created the first humans, after their own appearance. These humans breeded and soon there was a whole people of them. But even if the humans were created in the Union of Feelings, they began to build different tribes after the feelings that took over them. After a while, the Gods could notice that some of the humans had some of their powers. This exalted them.
The Gods of Feelings were: Love, Joy, Desire, Anguish, Pain, Hate and Lust, and the tribes that were made were named: Lovenia, Panguish, Lusate, Derlove and Happish.
After the humans the Gods created animals and other living things that would give the humans food or satisfaction for the eye. The Gods were pleased with their work.
But something the Gods of Feelings didn’t notice right away, was that in power they were not alone, because almost at the same time as they arrived to the World, the Elemental Gods arrived. These Gods didn’t have the same appearance as the Gods of Feelings. Instead of skin they had scales, because they were the Six Drago’ons, the future Masters of Dragonkind. Also they began to create when they arrived to the World, and soon reptiles of many kinds walked the earth. And like some of their creations, the Drago’ons could change sex after their liking. Consequently, it didn’t take long until Drageks and Drageshs, the dragonraces, flew through the sky. As you know, dragons are magical creatures. This meant, that when the dragonraces flew around the World, they soon saw the humans on the ground. They found the humans interesting and wanted to talk to them. To do this, the Drago’ons thaught their children to transform themselves to whatever they wished to be. The dragonraces and the humans made relationships and soon blood was mixed. In the beginning, Drayel, the dragon- or lizardmen, were born. Soon the reptile appearance began to fade, and left were some traces of their origin, which made them unearthily beautiful. This was a new species that would later be called elves. The elves were divided in three or four tribes, depending on how you see it, and each tribe had some elemental trace from the Drago’on they were closest to in blood. The tribes were simply: Forestelves, Runeelves, Stoneelves and Revlas.
The Six Drago’ons names and element were: Scum of Water, Wind of Air, Dark of Darkness, Ruin of Earth, Fire of Heat and Lone of Light.
For a time it was peace, but soon mistrust began to do its work. Both races and Gods were deceived by close friends; the First War broke out and nothing would be the same anymore.
After the War, the tribes of humans were more split up and they spread to all the corners of the World. Also the tribes of elves split up, but for different reasons, and among them the tribe of Darkelves had been created. All the Gods decided to disappear, the Gods of Feelings left the World, but continued to watch over their creation, while the Gods of Elements decided to stay in the World, but in the shape of humans to take care of its inhabitants. The traitors of the Gods stayed also in the World to plot new evil plans in the dark.
All the tribes soon forgot parts of their past. Some humans forgot the elves and the elves soon saw the other elftribes as myths. Even the Gods lost their real meaning and the memory of the First War faded. Only those who had turned to the Dark side remembered, and waited; they knew it wasn’t over.
A Second War would come.


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