Moon-Dancing Demon Man ~ Part 2

11 september 2008

The blue hair was wilder and longer than before, and the golden eyes held a terrible glow. Along Saïx’s right arm, there were long strains of blood, and the hand was covered in it. He was on all fours, but slowly rose to his feet, the back shooting up, and arms hanging down, slightly curved like he was holding something between his animalistic hands. The chest was heaving, and fangs had sprouted from his mouth, so it formed a horrible grin.
Behind her, Xeline could hear the sound of Xigbar swaying and tottering a little, and then Xemnas’ voice followed, giving an order without taking his eyes from Saïx.
“Number II, leave. Take Number IX out of here and treat your arm. You’ll be more in the way than of use in that state.”
The little smack that was herd revealed that Xigbar opened his mouth and was about to contradict, but he changed his mind. This wasn’t the time to argue.
“Yes, Superior.”
They took off through a portal, and whatever it was about it – the movement, the sight, the sound – it made Saïx start to slowly approach them.
There were places on his thighs and knees where the trousers had ripped; and when the moon-dancing demon man came closer, Xeline could see how muscles twitched and tensed in his naked upper body.
Somewhere in the other end of the wing, she herd the quick stepping as someone turned around and started to run in their direction. Vexen, she confirmed, after listening another tense moment, and discerning the clinking of whatever glass objects lay in his pocket.
As Saïx crept closer, she herd the sound of Xaldin’s hands gripping harder around the shaft of the lance, how Zexion drew a deep breath in order to gain concentration and how Marluxia’s cloak rustled as he raised the scythe. She couldn’t hear anything but Mistix’s breaths, which were louder than normal, and Xeline herself summoned the two meter silver chain which held a slim and pointy one-foot blade in the end, and a ring that fit perfectly on her finger in the other.
They all made ready for combat, even Saïx who panted harder, whose muscles tensed more, and from whose mouth it ran a thin stream of clear saliva.
He huddled, making ready to leap, and they crouched, ready to meet the attack.
And then, a door opened, almost right between them.
The blue-haired beast hesitated, and his eyes flicked from the group of nobodies to the open door as the sound of shuffling footsteps reached his ears.
“..noisy”, a small, sleepy voice announced, as a grey-haired little girl showed up in the doorway. She held the corner of a blanket in one hand, and rubbed her eye with the other, which was balled to a little fist.
The tiny nobody smacked her mouth a couple of times, like it was dry after sleeping with her mouth open, and then, large eyes blinked at them.
“Xellie?” That was her nickname for Xeline, and her tired eyes wandered from one nobody to the other, while a low snarling was leaking from between Saïx’s lips. “Maru-chan?” She had misheard Vexen saying Marluxia – and as the scholar pronounced it Marusha, it wasn’t very strange that Silexio had made it Maru-chan. “Xally? ‘Isti..” She interrupted herself as a dark shadow was growing from behind.
It felt like.. like all her blood had turned freezing cold as the little girl turned around, facing a furious and highly deadly berserker, hardly three feet from her face.
Silexio blinked a couple of times, and then she asked a very simple, very childish question.
“Puppy mad?”
His chest was heaving faster and faster, as he practically gasped for air, feeding the growl that was created deep down in his throat. For a moment, Saïx looked like he didn’t know what to do, but then the animalistic side of him took over.
A clawed hand was raised, ready to strike the little girl as Xeline let go of the chain, letting it disperse, and then taking the few meters to Silexio in a quick leap.
In that very moment, the second she was running forwards in a speed she didn’t think herself capable of, Silexio’s eyes – no, her entire face – seemed to change. For the time a heartbeat takes, the pupils narrowed, and the asking features turned hard and cold, and then it was gone.
The girl didn’t make a sound, didn’t even take her eyes of Saïx, as Xeline picked her up and stumbled a few steps backwards, dodging the wielded paw precisely, but feeling the draught it created and the metallic smell of Xigbar’s blood.
She hadn’t been thinking, and now, she stood – lonely, it seemed – in front of a beast that had maimed one of his companions and attacked one of the persons closest to him. If a nobody could ever feel fear, this was what Xeline felt right now.
She was unable to move, though every muscle in her body was tensed and trembling. Her mouth was slightly open, and her eyes glossy for a reason she could not determine herself. Saïx came closer, so slowly it took an eternity, and his golden eyes seemed to glow just like the moon that showed through a window on the opposite wall. And in all this, a little hand tugged Xeline’s hair, and Silexio’s childish voice was herd again.
“Xellie, puppy mad..”
“Yes, Silexio..” The answer was no more than a faint, trembling whisper. “Puppy is mad..”
But.. he seemed to hesitate. For a single moment, Xeline thought – but she wasn’t sure – she saw a trace of struggle in Saïx’s eyes. The tendons of his throat was tensed hard, and as one muscle seemed to work for attack, another looked like it was trying to keep him back.


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