Moon-Dancing Demon Man ~ Part 3

16 september 2008

It was a reflex. When the sound of shattered glass suddenly exploded in the silence, Xeline turned her face away, and pushed Silexio’s head to her chest.
Through the darkness of her closed eyes, Saïx roared, and shards of crystal fell to the ground.
Then, he roared again. And again.
The clinking had stopped when Xeline opened her eyes again, but Saïx still growled in a violent protest.
Vines and thick roots had broken the huge windows that faced the wall where Silexio’s door was. With an incredible speed, they had invaded the corridor and made the meter where Saïx stood a green jungle, full of rope-like plants that held him in place.
The berserker didn’t like this. He didn’t like it at all. The walls and frames where the vines were attached creaked as he pulled them with all his might, and a soft, pained moan had Xeline turn around, Silexio still in her arms.
There stood Marluxia, his face twisted to a strained grimace, and his arm reached out, the fingers bent like claws. The scythe had vanished, and a meter or so beside him, Vexen was approaching the captured Saïx in a careful way.
“Hurry up, cupcake”, the Graceful Assassin said in a humouring, yet harsh way, “he’s strong. I can’t hold him like this forever.”
Vexen made a sound that sounded something like “hmph”, as Marluxia addressed him as “cupcake”, but he didn’t make a fuss about it.
Standing a meter or so from Saïx, he pulled an incredibly small test tube from his pocket, along with a slim syringe, which he rapidly filled with a carefully measured amount of the clear fluid inside the tube.
Trying at first to give him the injection in the throat, Vexen found that Saïx made a strange movement with his head, trying to bite him, and he ended up giving the shot in the side, where the grasping claws couldn’t reach him.
Then, it only took a matter of seconds, perhaps half a minute, before Saïx struggled less intensely. He was breathing heavier, and in a sudden, the muscles relaxed, and he sunk to the floor. Moments after, he was knocked out cold, and after a little nod from Xemnas, Marluxia dropped to all fours, panting desperately and shaking visibly.
“Good work, number XI.”
Between two gasps, Marluxia was able to answer. “Thank you, Superior.”
There was a strange second of silence. The thought of putting Silexio down hadn’t struck Xeline, so she was still carrying the little girl, who broke the odd atmosphere by asking:
“Puppy sleepy?”
“Yes, number XV”, Vexen answered in Xeline’s stead, “in a way.”
“Oh..” Behind them, Xaldin had approached Xemnas, and the two of them were discussing what to do with Saïx, and the conversation grew louder and louder, and Silexio was on her way to hushing them down when Xeline put her hand over the girl’s mouth.
“Puppy is sleeping very deeply”, she said softly, “he won’t wake up from that.”
Silexio shaped her little cherry lips to an “O”, and then nodded, letting the two nobodies continue.
“I can guess what Xigbar will say”, Xaldin said in a rather soft way. “We all knew what happened last time it was this bad. But we didn’t knock him out that time. We don’t know if he’ll still be crazed when he waked up.”
“That is true”, Xemnas answered in a rather defensive voice, “but I promised Saïx this place, partly as a refuge, a place where he would not be chased or hurt or locked up for what happens to him every full moon.”
“But Xemnas”, there was something serious about it, when Xaldin used the Superior’s name in such a way, “we have to put the safety of”, he made a gesture, “fourteen of the Organization’s members before one”, with a fling of his arm, he indicated Saïx.
“Indeed”, Xemnas agreed, “but where to put him?”
At this moment, Vexen rose a hand in order to gain attention.
“A dungeon, perhaps. Sir?” he proposed. “After all, they’re made for locking people up, so he won’t get loose all of a sudden.”
It was like something was gnawing on Xeline’s spine, and while moving her weight over to the other foot, and adjusting her grip around the nobody of a five-years-old, she tried to figure out what it was, not paying very much attention to the conversation that took place some ten feet from her.
“Good”, Xemnas had raised his voice slightly, and was now speaking to all of them. “Number XIII”, Mistix’s flung her head up, “go get number V”, she hurried off. Quickly and soundlessly. “Number XI, release him, and number III get ready to take him to the dungeons. Number IV, go make sure there is one ready.”
“Yes, Superior”, Vexen answered, and nodded his head in something that looked like a half-bow. Then, he vanished towards the basement, and Marluxia started to draw the vines and roots back in order to release the unconscious Saïx.
They kept on talking, sending Zexion off to make sure Vexen chose a dungeon with chains attached to the wall, and then arranging it so Lexaeus and Xaldin could carry Saïx there as soon as the Silent Hero showed up.


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