Moon-Dancing Demon Man ~ Prolouge

26 augusti 2008


Probing the little table by his bed, the blue haired and bed headed Nobody gritted his teeth as he felt a glass of water fall over, and spread its contains over the floor.

He touched a pencil and a little note book (both soaked), if he remembered something in bed that needed to be recorded in reports the day after. The book he was currently reading – something about lunar eclipses Zexion had recommended.
A chart of pain killers in case he woke up with a headache and had to work.
The outlines of the alarm clock.
When the sleepy fingers didn’t find the right button, an entire fist landed on the appliance that was making the horrid noise, and it immediately sparked and went quiet.
His hand flew across his face, trailed along the X-shaped scar for a second, and then buried the fingers deep into the tangled hair.
The water was still dripping onto the floor, and Saïx didn’t want to get out of bed.
Work. Reports that needed to be finished. Preparations for this week’s meeting. There were things he had to do, but he didn’t want to.
A growling escaped between his lips, as he rose onto his elbow and blinked in the dark room. The air tickled Saïx’s bare skin as he sat up and searched for the switch to the bed lamp.
And there went the light bulb. Saïx suppressed a strange and overwhelming need to break something, and rose from the bed to walk on and off in the room a few turns, quietly shaking the need off.
When he finally had gotten the clothes on, the blue haired nobody tried to draw a hand through his hair before leaving for breakfast. Another growl slipped him, as the fingers got stuck in the mass of hair. Judging from the bed, he had been tossing himself on and off in his sleep, and the tangled strands were another proof of that.
It took about half an hour to sort out the mess that was supposed to be his hair, and when Saïx was getting down to breakfast, he found that he was so late, he didn’t have the time to take anything else but a glass of juice before having to leave for work.

The day was the worst ever. Saïx was fully aware that he was unable of being annoyed, yet that was the only word he could find for it. When walking to lunch, he bumped into Demyx, who was running the opposite way, looking like he’d forgotten something in his room.
“Oh, sorry!” the tinier nobody swirled around on the spot. “You having a bad day, puppy? You look like..”
He interrupted himself and stumbled a few steps backwards as Saïx literally roared at him, and after a moment of shocked staring, number nine hurried off.
So he felt bad at lunch – really bad, since Demyx kept throwing glances his way, like he was afraid Saïx would get another outburst, his eyes all glossy when he noticed the blue haired one looked back.

And the day just kept on getting worse.
Xemnas didn’t give him the usual twelve reports to look over, and then give back, but Saïx got twenty of them, since several Organization members had had double missions this week.
Xigbar seemed to have seen it fit to pull a prank on him, pouring syrup all over the toilet and basin that lay closest to Saïx’s office, which he naturally used when working.
Xaldin had chosen this day to serve salad for dinner, so Saïx ended up hungry for the entire evening after not being there in time for breakfast, and hardly eating any lunch, as Demyx’s sad looks made him lose his appetite.
Vexen had him run three turns between the cellar and the attic, looking for different stored chemicals for him, and got an outburst when Saïx tried to use a portal, yelling in a voice that cracked into a shriek that those things couldn’t be put through something like that, unless Saïx wanted them to explode.
Zexion had for some reason started to re-organize the library, and wanted Saïx to put books on the top shelves for him, and he was stuck with that for two hours until Lexaeus showed up.
Axel.. Well, he ruined Saïx’s day by just being Axel.
Demyx wouldn’t speak to him, Luxord nagged on him for a game of poker, Marluxia was mad because someone had stepped on his flowers, and blamed Saïx – that was innocent, Larxene wanted him to carry things for her as she moved around the furniture in her room and even Roxas was angry at him for snatching at Axel, and did everything he could to be in the way.
In the end, Lexaeus, Mistix, Xeline and Silexio were the only ones that didn’t make Saïx’s life a hell that day. Lexaeus didn’t bother him at all, and neither did Mistix. Xeline showed a strangely shining smile when she walked by in the corridor, and sent a warm shiver down Saïx’s spine – one that he just couldn’t explain. And Silexio treated him with muffins she’d baked with Xeline. Sure, they looked like misshaped, brown jellyfish turned inside out, but the taste was good.
Despite these little signs of affection, Saïx was in a horrible mood as he got into his room again, late that evening. The reports were almost finished, he had one left, but decided to finish that during breakfast the next day. So taking off his cloak and shirt, Saïx stepped over to the window and reached out for the curtains.
With a jerk of his wrists, they flew apart, and the second after, the window was open. Cold, fresh air trailed across his bare upper body, and for a single moment, Saïx let himself close his eyes and enjoy the night outside.
And then, he suddenly felt like he was stabbed in the chest. Something crushed his lunges to the size of a coin, and he was gasping for breath but gaining none. The windowsill creaked in protest as his fingers curled around it, and claws dug into the white stone where nails had just been.
He felt the hair slip down his back as it grew longer and wilder, and his eyes was flushed with mist that made it hard to see. His muscles trembled as they tensed unintentionally, and before he lost control completely, Saïx turned his face up, and the golden eyes met a perfect full moon.

Geez, det här är min hundrade novell på Catahya. Jag vet inte riktigt vad jag ska säga om det, men det finns en dikt som jag hänvisar er alla till. Läs Ett Hundrade Drömmar, och ta åt er.


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