My beloved

18 maj 2005

I looked across the horizon
With hope of seeing you in your window
Singing to me with trust
In the dark night, under the moonlight
I search across borders and over seas
My destiny is to find you, my beloved
Swollen eyes and throat of sand
I shall show you my heart
Not the heart of stone that took me to what I am today
A woman as a great warrior
In a herd of bloodthirsty men
I whisper into the fire, words lost in my sword
My beloved
Even if I have been the great one
You are my hero, my beloved
Every arrow I send away are for you to find my soul
Every swing with my sword brings me closer
To your window, under the stars this night
Every stab with my knife are for your innocent protected sense
I ride for you in the dark night, under the moon
My prince, my hero
All the killing was not without a cause


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