New servants and old enemies

24 mars 2008

My friend, death frightnens only the unaware.
Why should your life be worth to spare,
when your dead body can rise to my call?
Weak souls of men longing for life fills the hall.
I offer nothing but an illusion of what has been.
Memories of what you’ve felt, tasted, heard and seen.
Undead fools hunger to fill the void of life from mother earth.
My very own unholy definition of rebirth.
Only a total destruction of the human bone
can take away my army and my throne.
This time the circle will close!
Remember when my first soldier rose?
My enemies and those who only gave disrespect;
this time my powers are hard to neglect.
Hallow souls and decaying bodies are now my reanimated tools.
Rise and serve you life loving fools!
Now decide, rule this kingdom with me as my queen
or be a soldier in the army of what has been!

(Sist jag postade den här föll det bort på ngt sätt vem som skrivigt den, finns nämligen inte i arkivet, men stod som en av de senaste dikterna i den månaden, här kommer den iaf igen. Vet inte vad som hände, måste varit en bugg av ngt slag. Ps Jag har ändrat namnet på den. Inann hette den A necromeancer’s new servants)


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