nocturne angel

21 september 2005

man or woman or a child
soft of flesh and fragile bones
suffer plague that’s running wild
misery rings in their tones

their agony is all in vain
soon they’ll dine in heaven’s hall
why should they endure the pain
when death’s impossible to stall

my work is harsh but merciful
I let them from this world depart
I hide and veil the pitiful
recall them truly in your heart

their feverish eyes they seek out mine
as I prepare to do my deed
they focus crying and they shine
and thus I answer to their need

my work is always in the dark
no one wants to know the act
as an outcast I bear the mark
that seals our forbidden pact

I help folks cry and then let go
sparing them the ugly sight
some things are best to never know.
I am the angel of the night

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