One of the damned

8 december 2006

– I am one of the vampires, one of the damned, the vampire said while the moonlight played upon his face.
Amanda shook like a leaf in the wind and the grip on her knife tightened.
– What are you going to do to me? She asked after a moment of silence.
The vampire smiled, exposing his fangs to the frightened girl.
– I don’t know… He stands up, six feet tall, looking strong.
– Normally… I’d kill you and drink your blood, emptying you completely.
He took a small step forward, barely a foot in length, but it brought the predator closer to its prey.
– But luckily for you… I just ate, a bum, barely two blocks from here, hell be in the newspapers in the morning… Aah, I can see it now “Homeless man stabbed 47 times.” I should know. I kept count, keeps it interesting.
Walking while he talked, the vampire is now right in front of Amanda, she can see the red blood in his teeth, still not dried.
– So what to do with you..?
He looks at her, staring at her face, then slides his gaze down the length of her body, pausing at her chest, and again at her legs.
– You’re a very attractive woman, he says, lifting his hand to touch her brown, curly hair.
But she won’t let him, she runs her knife right through the palm of his hand, and still gripping the blood-stained weapon, she tells him to back off. But he only laughs.
– It’s been a while… He holds his hand up, watching the moon through the hole in his hand.
– Haven’t seen my own blood for, oh, so long… Now, he looks at Amanda, and she can see the wound closing in front of her eyes.
– Not that it’s my blood anymore, he continues, it’s currently the blood of a Mr. Michael Thusk, age 36… 36… A very good year… perfectly aged too.
Amanda drops the knife and looks at her hand with big eyes, the blood of an unknown man on her fingers.
– Let me, he says, grabbing her hand and wiping the blood of her fingers with a piece of paper from his pocket.
– There, clean as a whistle, he says, once again smiling and exposing his fangs.
She looks at her now clean hand, lets it drop to her side as she watches the vampire.
– If you’re not going to kill me… What more can you do?
The smile dies, and the vampire looks really serious when he thinks about the answer.
– A number of things really… He begins. I could make you drink a bit of Mr. Thusks blood, at this stage it would make you my servant, dying to serve my every need.
Again, he watches Amandas body, this time, from a few feet away.
– I could bite you and make you a vampire. Think about that one, being this beautiful forever.
She thinks about it, but she soon decides that she never could take a human life, not even to save herself.
– You can actually live off of rats, birds and other animals, he says and nods his head approvingly.
And in her head, Amanda sees herself with a rat in her mouth. She feels like throwing up and bends down.
– Yes, I know, they taste like crap, and all that hair… And that tail, it’s disgusting.
He helps her up when she gets better and looks into her hazel eyes.
– A shame to waist such wonderful eyes… Still, there’s one more thing I could do to you, and this one, I’ve had in mind ever since I saw you crossing the street that led you here.
Amanda watches the vampire with a question on her face. She has read about vampires, many times, from Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ to various short-stories and ‘facts’ on the internet, but she can’t think of anything else that this vampire could do to her.
– Let me go..? She asks hopefully, but he has something else in mind.
– Maybe afterwards… He sighs.
– Afterwards?
He looks at her body once more and has an interested expression on his face.
– I’d like to have sex with you Amanda. He said.
Amanda didn’t know what to say, she didn’t expect this.
– You can have sex? She asked carefully, looking at the vampire in a whole new way.
– Of course we can have sex, what did you expect? That we would live hundreds and hundreds of years without it?
Amanda was shocked, and stunned.
– Scaring people and drinking blood isn’t all that great, you know. After a couple of years it gets pretty boring. He looks at her like she just asked the dumbest question in the whole world.
– I… I didn’t know…
– Well, you could give it a thought, how long would you last without it? 20 years? 30?
Amanda gave it a thought; she definitely didn’t want to wait for 20 years. That would make her a 40 year old virgin.
– Oh, I see. He said with a grin on his face. You’re new at this, oh my, are you in for a treat.
– What do you mean? I happen to hold quite a reputation.
It was no lie, boys had been speaking about having sex with her for years now, she was almost as famous as their porn-actors.
– A reputation, yes, full of lies. His grin wideness as he leans forward to whisper in her ear.
– You’re a virgin, a flower ready to bloom.
She pushes him away and turns around to run out of the dark alley, but he is in her way.
– There’s nothing wrong, being a virgin… But we can end it tonight. He says while patting her head gently.
She looks up at him; a tear runs down her cheek.
– I don’t even know your name.
– I call myself Talos…
A man who had heard the noise in the alley looked into the darkness.
– Is everything OK in there?
He was short, muscular and had the eyes of a fighter. Amanda knew that this might be her only chance to get away from Talos alive.
– You won’t get a better offer, for five hundred years I’ve been around; I’ve got more experience than anyone alive.
– Yes, everything is fine, I just tripped over… Something.
She didn’t take the chance.
– All right then.
And the man is gone.
Talos smiles at her, a friendly smile, warm and happy.
– Good girl… Shall we go?
She nods her head and they leave the alley.
They march to Amanda’s home, on the way they stop to buy some food, and wine.
All the way home, Amanda’s mind is occupied by the thought of her virginity ending tonight.
The stairs leading to the apartment where she lives seems longer tonight than any other night, they never end.
Finally home, she pours half the bottle of cheap wine down her throat, after that she shows Talos to the bedroom.
They have sex, lots of it, all night long.
Talos grants Amanda pleasures that she couldn’t even think of a day ago.
When the morning finally comes, Amanda is alone, asleep in her bed. No trace of Talos.
Someone knocks at her door, and she wakes up, to tired to care.
– It’s the police, open the door!
She jumps out of the bed, grabs a robe and opens her door.
The officers grab her and pull her down to their car. At the station she is put in a holding cell until she, several hours later, gets to confess.
They interrogate her thoroughly, and she gives her side of the story.
She is sent away from her hometown to a prison for the mentally insane, just in time for the newspaper-boys to get their stack of work.
– Homeless man stabbed 47 times! They scream at the top of their lungs, just as Talos said.
– Blood-stained knife found two blocks away with fingerprints!
– Insane murderess blames fantasy creature!
And somewhere on the streets of New York, Talos the vampire is watching his next victim.

The End


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