10 september 2008

just a prick, just a sting
barely enough
to draw your attention
in the midst of this bluff

I’ve tricked you, I’ve fooled you
now you are mine
your life is now forfeit
I can see you resign

sensation of triumph
I feel your hands clench
then your muscles relax
I smell fear in your stench

you’re moving your lips
a prayer? a plea?
It’s I who decide
to be or not to be

the thrill of power
now it’s reversed
my plot gave fruit
after all I rehearsed

in the end there’s no choice
you have to die
the life you have made us
it’s either you or I

it is not sadness
it is not joy
I simply remember
how I loved a boy

your eyes losing focus
you’re drifting away
a part of me glads
one wants you to stay

your eyes say ‘I love you’
‘I understand’
finally as you die
I gently take your hand


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