Red and white…

19 mars 2006

Red and white,
Blood on the snow…

He laid so still when she got to him.
The snow coloured by his blood.
She sunk down on her knees at his side.
He took a breath.
His eyelids fluttered then opened,
and his violet gaze found her face.
“Oh, Adrian!” she sobbed.
Her tears trailing down her cheeks.
”What happened?”
His hand stroked away her tears.
”Hush, my dear!
It no longer matter what happened.
What’s done is done!”
She shook her head in denial.
“My love, listen to me!”
She took his hand in hers and hold it tight.
“My heart belongs to you and so it always will,
even through death.”
Her grip tightened.
”Our souls will find each other,
no matter the distance,
believe this and it will be true.”
Tear-filled green eyes met calm violet.
”It’s time for me now…
I will wait for you.”
The violet eyes lost their inner glow.
His body remained, but his soul was gone.
Her hand closed his eyes.
”Adrian, do not leave me!”
Her hand found the knife at his side.
Her eyes were dry,
as the knife found its way through her heart.

Two bodies, side by side…

”Oh, Adrian!”
Green eyes lost their glow.

Two bodies, side by side…
Sleeping peacefully in their final rest
They laid so still.
The snow coloured by their blood.

Blood on the snow,
Red and white…


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