Sometimes minds are just minds

8 juni 2007

A calm rain,
a light drip on the roof.
Thoughts that are flying,
out through the open window,
burdened by the rain.

A lonely shape in the light from a lamp,
wisps of hair.
A gentle rain was falling.

Tears on someone’s cheek,
sobbing cries.
Sorrow, regret, loneliness.
All hidden by the rain’s fascination.
A calm time.

The dripping on the roof,
that makes thoughts fly.

She sat all alone on the floor in her room, the rain was rattling on the window and the wind howled outside. She read a book in the flickering candle light. It was worn out with a leather folder, the pages were yellow from age. A tree branch knocked on the window and the girl looked up, her hair was pale likewise her skin. She stepped up and went along to the window and looked out. In the light from a lamp she saw a man standing and leaning over something. The girl was curious and pressed her face to the window. The man on the road looked up and she saw his face, drowned with water and… blood. The girl gasped and hid behind the curtain, afraid of what was happening outside her window. She shut her eyes and counted to one hundred, when she opened her eyes again everything was black.

When she woke up everything became a red tint, her head throbbed and she felt dizzy. When her eyes get used to the red light she looked around the room. It was not her room in her house, she was somewhere else. In a different house with a funny smell and a different old style. She lay in a big soft bed with draperies of dark red velvet, between the draperies she could see a big wooden table with a silver bowl on it and if she turned her face to the opposite side of the room she could see a dark solid wooden door which was locked with an iron bolt.
The girl, whos name was Sarah, lay without strength or some idea of where she was, locked a different house.
She tried to sit up, but her neck hurt too much, which was strange. Her hands ran up her neck and found two sore points. Two small points on her neck, two small red dots. She got up from the bed and found the window covered with thick dark red curtains. Everyone loves the sun. A cold breeze shot through her backbone, everyone expect for vampires. Her hand flew to the two marks on her neck.
The approaching steps on the stairs broke the insightful moment and quickly replaced it with fear.

The rain falls outside my window,
the candles flickering light,
the tree branch on the window,
the man under the lamp,
drowned with water and…

The dark window in the house,
the shuffling steps on the stairs.
His lips on my neck,
red drops on my sheet.
Only the rain can save me,
only the dripping on the roof can chase the thoughts.
Only you can save me.

She dropped the pencil on the floor when she heard the steps on the stairs, she put the paper in the hidden box under the desk before he opened the door. It was her only way to survive, to write down all her thoughts before they were gone.
She sat quite still on the chair when he came in to the room. She heard his soft voice in her head. “Come on sweetie, give me some blood, and please, try to take some back this time.” She hates him, with her whole heart. She felt his hand on her shoulder and his breath in her ear, then she heard the voice, the voice she hates and the voice that never will leave her alone.
“I’m dissatisfied with you, I want you to do like I want, like I told you,” he cried. The time stand still the following moment, not a breath, not a sound from outside, or inside the room. “You can die slowly if you want, I can drag on it. Hours, days, weeks, months… years if you want. You can choose by yourself.”
Sarah’s face was like a marble statue, white and frozen like stone. Not a sound came from her lips. His white face turned to a more normal red tone, normal for human but not for vampires. Sarah sat almost still and waited for the approaching thunder that would come really soon. His firm grip on her shoulder hardened, she bit herself in her tongue to not scream, but she was used to this. Every day, every night, it was the same. Her body was sore from his hard hands, and from his teeth. He turned his face to her neck and squeezed his teeth to her bare skin. It was like pinprick, a sudden hurt, and then a dizzy feeling when the blood leaved her body. She felt a hard instinct to do the same on his neck, but her will was still sufficient strong. He stoked her body to make her lose her concentration, and get her to fall for the instinct. Everything she saw was a dark sky and a rainy landscape, a lonely hill and a little house. It was there she was born, it was there she had played as child, it was there she should die, not here. The picture wiped out and the dark room replaced the rainy landscape. When she almost had given up for the strong instinct he raised and left the room. When Sarah heard the well-known shuffling steps on the stairs she could breathe again.
The following morning rose like all the others, dark and independent. The curtains closed the sun out of the little room, Sarah had not seen the sun since the day she got captured. She wanted to see the sun one more time before she died, she knew that it was a bad idea at the first moment, but she did it otherwise. She went to the window and pushed the curtains from it. The sight which met her got her to quickly gasp for air and a cold breeze shot through her backbone. The sight was from her childhood days, the soft hills and the little lake not far from the house. A wave of mind gets to her head, sunny summer days full of laugh and playing. And now, a place filled of fear and death.

Dear brother,
I didn’t know that it was you until I looked out through the window. You disappeared into the dark forest when we were young, I remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t know what happened to you, but I know that you have suffered a lot through the years. I want to save you from it, one time for all, forever. I am your little sister and before you were gone you always cheer me up when I was sad and helped me with my homework. Now I want to do something for you, my brother. I will do like you want, if it will save you. I take your place, and you will go to your last rest beyond all evilness.

This is for you,
my brother.

Your sister,

This was the last word she wrote in the book. The book with all her thoughts and feelings, her collected poems between the folder. It was not so worn out like her brothers book was when she read in it, but hers will be, when hundreds of people have read the pages with the fear and helpless that they also will feel, when her teeth look for their vessels.

For the last time in her present life she heard the sound of her brothers shuffling steps in the stairs. When he came into the room she was ready. It was like all nights before, but different. The picture was gone, and when he had drunk her blood she put her teeth close to his neck, bit him and drank his warm blood.


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