Tagaru Ishida

10 augusti 2006

A bright star shines through the night
you close your eyes for a time
tears spilling to the steely floor
Why is it so that you cry?

Friends in memories, things of the past
what is this that you have lost?
Why do you cry, inhuman one
as tears are not your nature’s call

Do you cry for the fallen star
or merely the light that it gave?
In your heart, the starlight still glows
but is it enough for you to go on?

On the floor, your tears are shattered
As are all the hopes you held
All the dreams you wished come true
Is your heart still made of stone?

Your touch senses the icy glass
the cold you hoped to escape
sorrow nearly engulfs your world
the light in your heart keeps it at bay

Once an enemy, he became a friend
Gave you the love that you need
Your friends are here, but he is gone
Why is it so that you cry?


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