The Archipelago

1 december 2007

In the middle of the great archipelago, something happened that were kept in secrecy. Something so deplorable that the people in the little country near the sea didn’t want to remember it. And this is the story about this terrible occurrence.

The house of the Lords in this country were very powerful and very controversial. Not everybody liked them, people thougt about how they were so insufficient, so inept. But the people in this country never spoke of it aloud. They never dared to go all the way. The talk just simmered under the surface, any word or action from the House of Lords could make the people revolt, but they were to scared. So even if the house were so incompetent in ruling, they were very good in controlling the people and keep them in place. The ones who said too much was apprehended and his or her disappearance were in vain.

But one day, just a normal day in this controlled country, a girl requested that the people should be treated fairer. She spoke up when the house of the Lords had raised the taxes and the people almost couldn’t survive. The demands were so high that this girl couldn’t stand it any more. She tried to talk to some of the people in the country that they should try to negotiate with the house. And she succeeded convincing a small group that had got this idea in mind for a very long time. But when this little group tried to talk to the house, things happened. At first, the house just dismissed them and raised the taxes so the people should understand what would happen if the continued with this. But this little rebellious group didn’t relent. Instead, they started to establish a group that would dismiss the present House of Lords and appoint a new ruling group called the house of the People.

When the present house of Lords heard about this, through a secret source, they got furious. Instead of just raise the taxes or something similar, they made some interrogations, with people that the suspected. But the leader of the group, the girl who had started all this, never came out. She hide in the shadows, tricked the leaders and her followers were faithful. During this time, the house of the people got stronger and started to educate people about their rights and democracy. This public breakthrough made this whole country revolt. To keep the people in the country under control, the house made that the whole area was immediately placed under curfew. Any man or woman who were out after nightfall were detained and in the morning executed. And the guards who patrolled the streets were victims of manslaughter, so this country became a hellhole. Nobody was safe anymore. It was now the house of Lords against the house of the People. The leaders did everything just to win, even if the people had to suffer. The girl’s organisation wasn’t as pure as it had been before. It had reached the house of Lords level and were now competing in blood and life. This dispute that had become a massacre, with people died from both sides. If only someone existed to stop this prevailing disaster. But it didn’t. This occasion cost many people’s lives and pain. With some complications the country in the archipelago succeeded to continue their daily life. A new house of Lords were created, without any blood spill. The country was so ashamed about what had happened. The blood which had been flowing over the streets could never be washed away. The scars in people’s hearts couldn’t heal fully. The diversified injuries couldn’t all be cured. They kept this story in their hearts. Kept it from the burning light that could show them to much. Some day, far away from now, the secret may be revealed. But now, the suffering people in the little country, on the little island in the great archipelago wanted to build up their lives with happiness and joy. To think of the light future and live in the present time. Keep the dark history in their hearts but not always in their lives. They wanted to be free. And free they shall be.


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