The cleanse out

17 juli 2008

Empty my house of these whores!
Clear out the walls and the floors!
A treachery so vast.
It happened all to fast.

The sanctuary turned into abomination.
What happened to my holy nation?
Let none survive the slaughter!
And bring me my fallen daughter!

Let her answer for her actions of disobedience.
What I see is madness in its fullest sense.
Let the priests purify this place.
And kill everyone of the human race.

Elves are not to indulge in human lust.
And I left her the throne in full trust.
The curse of the half blooded is here.
I can feel its presence everywhere.

What have been conceived in their wombs
makes the ancestors turn in their tombs.
I pray that she doesn’t carry a halfbreed.
It would be such an unforgivable deed


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