The Curse of The Curry

8 januari 2008

16 years old Cade Nottingham is on his way home from school. Cade is on a good mood, he just has a perfect day. He got a high grade on his math test; he scored twice for his team during sports lesson (they were playing soccer) and he even got a “Hello Cade” from his strict principal. Yes, everything was perfect…

Cade promised to get home early today from school. He was in his own mind and thoughts when he heard a voice calling out to him “Cade!” He turned around and saw his classmate Whiktoria Frost. She was waving to him “Come ‘on Cade! I just want to talk to you, I’m not going to bite you” Then she laughed. Cade checked his wristwatch Well; I still got some times to spare…. Then he walked to his friend “Hi Whik’, so what’s up?” He asked and smiled. “Everything is fine! Hey you know what?” Whiktoria answered. Cade finds Whiktoria very pretty with her long blond hair, deep blue eyes, blushing cheeks. “Hey! Are you even listening?” Whiktorias question pierced through Cades mind and brought him back to the present “Yes? No… I meant yes!” He was somehow a little confused. Whiktoria giggled “You’re funny; anyway you want to walk me home? My house is just a few blocks away from yours…so we are heading a same way anyway”. Cade just shrugged his shoulders “Sure, why not?”

“Bye Cade! See you tomorrow! Thanks you for walking me home!” Whiktoria waved and smiled a big hearty smile at Cade. “Yea sure…see you tomorrow” Cade answered Whiktoria with a smile and then he started to walk. Oh crap! Now I’m late…just great…Cade then sped up. A few minutes later he was standing in front of his house, a red one. The young man then opened up the front door and went in. And when Cade stood there in the hallway and the whole house is silent as in a graveyard, he knew something was wrong…terrible wrong. Cade felt an intense aura above him I’m not alone…wait the minute! It’s Thursday today! That mean…Oh no! And in the next second a shadow figure came from nowhere leaped against Cade. “Ahhh!” The young man shrieked and dodged the incoming attack. Cade made no waste of the time; he got up real quick and ran like a wind in his older brother’s room, because that’s the only room which was near the hallway. Cade shut the door and then leaned against it Ok; now Cade you got to get out of here! No matter what!! You know what will happen if you’re slow…but how? Think, think, think Cade! Several minutes past by…but for Cade it felt like hours, everything was quiet…too quiet. Then Cade did something that he know he will regretted, the young man opened the door slowly…very slowly and he tried to take a peek out in the hallway. Suddenly Cade heard a loud noise, it reminds of a noise there you take a spoon and stabbed it right in a wooden wall, in the next moment Cade suddenly notices a vibrated…spoon which almost penetrated the wooden door that Cade was hidden behind! Someone has used the spoon like a dagger! Give me a break! You gotta be shitting me! But then Cade heard a piercing sound coming at him, quick like lightning he dodged…barely. When he looked up more spoons was stuck in the wooden door Great…more spoons, now is my chance! Nottingham then kicked up the door and ran out fast as he could, and he felt immediately the presence of the shadow figure…right behind him! But right now Cade don’t give a damn, he just ran, ran and ran.

But then suddenly Cade stopped running, he got the feeling that he’s on the wrong place…very wrong. Cade took a look around Where am I? Wait…what’s that smell? Oh no…this isn’t good! The young Nottingham turned around fast, and there! A big boiling, cauldron of curry on the stove. “Noo! I’m in a dead end!” He screamed and turned around to flee this cursed place. But it was too late…the dark shadow figure stand now in front of him, blocking the path. The mystery figure drowns near him and Cade felt he’s about to panic “No…please! Spare me! Anything but this…please!!” Cade cried out. But the shadow figure didn’t care about Cades begging; it just opened Cades mouth and shoved in a big spoon of curry. The young poor Nottingham screamed! “Oh dear Lord! Jessica how could you…Arrgh! The agony…w-w-water…” And that’s was Cade Nottingham’s last words before everything went black.

“Again? Maybe less vinegar next time? Cade?” Said Jessica and looked puzzled down on her older brother. “Everyone passed out! It’s just not fair! Mom? Dad? Vincent?” Cried Jessica and looked at the dinner table. Mr. Nottingham, Mrs Nottingham and Vincent Nottingham didn’t show any signs that they were awake and by theirs side was a smaller cauldron of….curry. “Shoot! When will I learn to cook a really good curry?” Cried Jessica.


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