The defender

4 september 2009

For all this time my inner nature has been in hibernate.
I passed this restless graveyard as act of fate.

As the chills ran up my spine
I started to feel the power of mine.

As the undead loomed near
I could canalize my fear.

The rage was uncontrollable, intense.
I could feel it grow to be immense

With an instinctively gesture there was a release.
As I fought the undeads number started to decrease.

I had been at the magician’s school.
And they took me for a powerless fool.

They said I didn’t have any magic gift.
But now things are starting to shift.

As I banned the undead back to hell
I didn’t speak or read a single spell.

I’m the foretold defender of the living.
A gift only the gods can be giving.

The living I will serve and protect.
This calling I will never neglect.


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