The dragons rage part 4

3 juli 2006

There in the distans
i can see
a caravan of elfs
Elfs are the only race that understands us dragons
When they see me
I can hear
A dragon a bless from the sky
And when i land next to the caravan
the ground shakes as in fear
the elfs can right away see that i´m in great pain
not pain in my body
but pain in my heart,
As me the elfs don´t like the humans
when i tell them about our egg my love
they share my pain and my anger
at what the humans have done
The leader of the elfs walks forward to me
and inces from my head
he puts a hand on my nose and says to me with a soft but firm tone in his voice
-we will help u master dragon
-to find your egg
with that said he jumps upp on to my neck
I take to the sky with a roar
knowing that now i´m not alone in my quest.


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