The junctions of dreams

2 maj 2010

I’m starting to have these dreams again.
Bitten and cursed to be like you my friend.
Most intimidating and intimate feeling I ever had.
All this fright and bloodshed is really all that bad?
I want to live forever but is it worth the price you pay?
Would I miss mortality and be regretful? I may, I may.
In my dreams I’m out of choice and forced to be cursed or die.
I can feel you presence in the dreams and cannot help but wonder why.
Is it a future junction or destiny? My friend do you have a hand in this?
When will you come to me again, visiting me in the dead of night?
Always there it seems, but out of range and out of sight.
Tell me, do you fear me or do really care for me.
When do you come and what will it be?
Tired of waiting, I will seek you out
and end my doubt.


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