The Phoenix

30 september 2015

The Phoenix is rising with wings all of fire,

The flames burning bright in the magical night!

With her eyes filled with vengeance,

with hate, unmasked fury…

She’s riding the winds toward east, toward us…


She flies to a high peak in the mountains of Sorrows,

a boy there is waiting for her to return…

With a cry full of anger, of sadness and sorrow,

the bird are attacking, destroying the peak!

The boy who’s falling he cries out “I’ll love you…”

He is secretly hoping She will save him at last.

The Phoenix are diving thereafter but to late,

The boy’s crushed body her eyes are upon…

Her sadness come over her as a flood filled with anger,

With anger and sorrow her cry hears long way..

On his grave rest the Phoenix, in her eyes crystal tears…


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