The poor man’s coin

21 oktober 2006

Here I stand silent in line
There are many before me
As well as behind
Time does not pass me by
He does not even try
Suddenly it is my time to stand there
First in line, the others behind
And there he is, I do not want to meet his gaze, am scared by the sight of him, but still I can not help myself, have to look in his eyes and see my life pass by as it was
Nor tear blind nor happy I see the man throw the coin in the air, good and evil are two sides of a poor mans coin they say, not knowing how right they are.
The coin is one its way down, soon we’ll see where am to bee. I better close my eyes, travel far away to unknown land,
A hard bounce wakes me up; I dare not so see were I m about to go.


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