The Undying

1 juni 2005

How happy now they seem to be
Living, dying, leaving only me
Betrayed by death, scorned by life
Never careing for peace or strife

I know what I must seem to be
Forever young and always free
Simple conclusions is the human way
Never knowing the meaning of what I say
Talking about torment and pain
Not knowing the agony burning in my brain
Envied by the human kind
Never dying, for eternity bound

Walking on a desert shore
Watching the waves of time destroy it all
In fire and pain kingdoms and civilizations fall
I watch and remember the demise of my ancient hall

On desert plains I left hope behind
In barren lands I felt it all leave my mind
In sleep I can almost forget my pain
Trying to remember happiness, but it’s all in vain

Asking the same questions every day
Fearing what the answers will say

All alone I walk the paths of time

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